Director of Sales

In the years to come, NHST will grow and strengthen its position as the leading media group in its priority areas: business, seafood, shipping, and energy. To succeed, we have started to develop a new structure for the organisation and have identified new leadership roles in the Consumer Business and Marketing Solutions areas that will be open to internal applicants.

Introduction to the Marketing Solution department

Marketing Solutions is NHST's new group-wide department for sales and delivery of commercial B2B services. We aim to be No. 1 within NHST´s prioritized target groups and markets, by creating value and customer experience of the highest quality. We will be a leader in knowledge of our industries. In addition, we shall develop, continuously improve, and optimize excellent insight-driven methods and usage of technology

Introduction to the Sales team

The sales department is responsible for all Marketing Solutions’ sales teams, working with all of NHST’s Publications. The teams aim for cutting-edge expertise in the prioritized areas: business, seafood, shipping, energy, and customer segments within B2C niches. We will offer customers and advertisers leading solutions, content marketing, visual, print, mobile, voice and classified ads, adapted to the continuous needs and changes in the market.

Role Outline

We are now searching for a visionary and engaged Director of Sales. As Director of Sales, you will lead and develop several highly motivated and competent teams both in Norway and internationally, distributed all over the globe. Together with the team-, industry- and knowledge leads you will be developing customer engagement and revenue for existing and new customers. You and your teams will also define and realize growth strategies.

Main objectives

  • Driving commercial outcomes and delivering results (KPI)
  • Strengthen the publications’ market positions
  • Employee engagement
  • Client satisfaction
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) for the sales teams and across Marketing Solution and NHST – to be decided

Areas of responsibility

  • Budget, personnel, and profitability responsibility
  • Together with your teams and employees create a common platform with an understanding of the situation, delivery, and goals for the department
  • Ensure a common culture and philosophy to improve efficiency and quality
  • Develop a mindset of continuous improvement, in not only standardizing the tools and techniques for the department but also competence development of the team to be the competitive advantage for the company
  • Ensure full alignment of the editorial and target group strategies to strengthen the publications market positions
  • Delivery of results through the team effort.

Ideal Candidate

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in technology, business, communication, or similar
  • Significant proven experience to motivate and lead others to achieve ambitious goals
  • Passion for sales and sales management, as well as a good overview of the advertising and media market
  • Experience from media sales both in Norway and experience with working and lead in a global environment, with a distributed team
  • Experience in leading leaders
  • Experience with working in complex matrix organizations
  • Generally overall excellent digital competence, with knowledge on technology platforms
  • Business acumen in understanding financial aspect, and able to see the big picture
  • Team Leadership – Building a cohesive team & effective team with focus on way forward
  • Excellent command of English (written & oral)
  • Analytical, methodical, and with a strategic approach